100W High Bay Light
·  The lamp surface for anodized embalmed.
· Using the thermostat control design, better
    protection for LED light sources, protect the
    photosynthetic efficiency, prolong life;
· Multi single chip integrated module light source, life
    expectancy of 50,000 hours or more;
· Environmental protection and energy saving, more
    than 60% than other fluorescent lamps.
    No pollution, no strobe;
· The unique product design, an elegant, compact,
· Wide voltage operation, safe and reliable.

The 100W High Bay is typically used in industrial applications. The features of high brightness and
superior light quality make 100W High Bay a better solution for low/high ceiling applications.

The appearance of 100W high bay is similar to traditional high bay, but it saves more energy and
has lower light depreciation rates which can decrease the power consumption and maintenance

Without complicated installation and too much limited condition, Elektra 100W High Bay provides
a great lighting solution for industrial lighting, large outlet, gymnasiums and other indoor lighting.